Nov. 06, 2020

LOWER BURRELL – Rep. Bob Brooks (R-Allegheny/Westmoreland) issued the following statement regarding the mail-in ballot system that was used in the Nov. 3 general election:

“Our electoral process must be protected to ensure that every vote legally cast is counted,” said Brooks. “Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballot system is plagued with problems. Allegheny County disqualified 22 ballots because those people were declared deceased. I am pleased with how our Westmoreland and Allegheny county poll workers handled this very difficult process.

“Today, Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) sent a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf requesting a full audit be completed before the certification of any results. In the letter Cutler cites actions taken by the state Supreme Court and the Department of State that have created confusion for county election officials, and actions believed to be in violation of the federal Constitution.

“There were an unprecedented number of provisional ballots in this year’s election. My office has been inundated with constituents frustrated with how our state has handled the process as the counting of ballots is continuing, especially in Philadelphia. My House Republican colleagues and I are investigating their practices.

“In-person voters were turned away and told they had to use the mail-in system. Let’s face it, mail-in ballots are less secure. The focus of this election was on the mail-in ballots; however, millions was spent on voting machines and security to enhance the safest election possible.

“I am happy to report that all House Republican incumbents in the southwest region of the state are leading in their respective races. Also, three new Republican House legislators in the region and two new Senate Republicans are leading in their races.

“The Commonwealth’s Democratic Supreme Court has exterminated the integrity of our election with its ruling to allow mail-in ballots to be counted up to three days after election day. Pennsylvanians from every political party should have the full confidence that the final vote tally reflects the will of the voters. I will do everything in my power to continue to fight for a fair vote count in Pennsylvania where every legal ballot is counted in a transparent manner.”

Representative Bob Brooks
54th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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717.260.6437 (office), 717.497.8478 (cell) /