Sep. 30, 2020

HARRISBURG – The state House unanimously approved House Resolution 726, sponsored by Rep. Bob Brooks (R-Allegheny/Westmoreland), designating the week of Oct. 4-12 as National Newspaper Week in Pennsylvania.

The resolution is designed to recognize the role that newspapers play in providing the people with credible, factual news and spotlights why newspapers continue to be a trusted source of information that is critical to democracy. The fact that Pennsylvanians are concerned about fake news and disinformation reinforces the need for media literacy.

“Newspapers have been the foundation of news and information for more than 300 years,” said Brooks. “Newspapers record current events and are the first rough draft of history. Even small-town weekly publications are essential. The information they print archives local events and everything in those pages is necessary to someone.”

Brooks added that National Newspapers Week is celebrating its 80th anniversary. In the First Amendment to the Constitution, freedom of the press was one of five freedoms expressly given to all Americans. The other four are freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right of the people to assemble peaceably, and the right to petition the government for grievances. Newspapers have a rich tradition of chronicling those freedoms we all should cherish.

“Many small-town newspapers are really a vital part of a community’s life,” said Brooks. “However, newspapers cannot thrive without our support, as readers, as business owners, and as citizens. We should always stand up for the importance of accurate information that will help us in our daily lives.”

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